10 Features you Will Enjoy in the new Explora Decoder

With the unveiling of the new Explora decoder, DStv subscribers are set for a whole new experience of television viewing. Check out the new features below to see exactly what you are missing.

New user interface

First on the list is the new interface which is not only fast, but also responsive. It can handle just about anything that is thrown at it. The set up and appearance is more user friendly now.

More storage, reduced size

From 500GB storage space, Explora decoder users now have an excess of 2TB drive space to save as many movies and shows as they please. And with the speed being increased from 5400 rpm to 5900 rpm, you can bet Multi Choice are out to make sure you have a great time.

Now, to give the Explora a different look from its predecessors, the manufacturers opted to slim down its physical size.

Additional USB ports

There are more USB ports installed on the new decoder which are meant to be used for upgrading the technology in the coming years to allow Wi-Fi access/3G network.

Based on linux os

The new Explora is based on Linux Kernel, an open source operating system, which has been customized for better user experience by Multichoice themselves.

Faster hardware

There has been a significant boost in the hardware compared to the previous generation of PVR decoders. To start with, the 1.1GHz CPU model now stands at 3GHz, while the RAM is now 4 times of what it used to be – 1GB of DDR3 RAM.

New remote

The new remote has also undergone a few changes. The alternate functions mode has been removed to make it less complicated, and it now has a big blue DStv central button which serves as the “home” button to retrieve all your content.

More box office

To make things more interesting, the developers increased the catalogue size so that there is more entertainment for clients. The video on demand rental service will now feature 30 titles at any given time.

More catch up

The increased storage of the HDD in the Explora has a direct benefit to the DStvNow service whereby its catalogue of ongoing series has been doubled to 40 concurrent shows, and each show can have up to 4 prior episodes available for users to enjoy at any time. Sports lovers will also be happy to know that Sport Catch Up has been increased too.

Unicable LNB

Cabling of the Explora is now more organized. The unicable LNB has caused a noticeable reduction in the number of cables being connected from the satellite dish to the decoder.


As far as pricing goes, the improvement in design and software come at a slightly higher fee – 67% increase to be precise. The average cost is at R2 499, which is R1 000 more than the previous model. This price varies depending on where you are located.

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